Make a wish bracelet,

Make a wish bracelet,

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I have always believed that one’s energy is what draws your possibilities to you. I also have noticed, we worry a lot. When there is worry there is an energy block, when there’s energy block we become aligned with I don’t see solution mentality.

What if you release the worry with a prayer of a happy outcome to the universe, delegating to the universe, god or angels to bring to you a happy end result or solution. You  have then invited hope.  When we get into the state of releasing our worries, our vibration rises, and we begin to think of possibilities, and since we energetically and vibrationally create our realities, it pulls into our energetic field solutions and limitless possibilities...

What I love about this bracelet is when the cord breaks your happy end solutions that which aligns with your higher self has made its way to your life.

How to use..

Tie the bracelet with holding the intention of what you want solutions to with happy end result in mind.  Power of intention and attention brings forth the vibrations of limitless possibilities and solutions.  When the cord breaks, the solution has been achieved.

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