Amelie Collection, Gold filled, Pink Chalcedony
Amelie Collection, Gold filled, Pink Chalcedony

Amelie Collection, Gold filled, Pink Chalcedony

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Pink chalcedony are color enhanced
The rest of the gemstones are its natural colors,
Chalcedony is known for its serene quality, calming the seas of our emotions, and simmers the anger into something more soothing and fluid.  It teaches one to be more mindful when working with communicating with others and self-expression.
She opens our abilities to find creative outlets for our deepest desires.
Rose Quartz, a stone of the heart.
 She teaches that in loving oneself you are then able to allow others to love us.  It’s a stone of healing relationships, how we relate to ourselves and how we relate to those in our immediate environment, fully, authentically in a liberating free-flowing way.  There is no judgment, so the truest form of deep bonds are the lessons to be learned, for when we all drop our masks, do we see a reflection of truth, all is love and to be loved.
Rainbow moonstone is a stone known to balance our emotions in the midst of chaos, as the tides ebb and flow all around us, how centered is our inner core?  Can we withstand the very thing that stirs our innermost attachments, or we allow the pendulum to sway full moment til it returns to the center? Are you choosing your reaction or are you riding whatever emotions that rises?  Are you riding the same responses or are you seeking new ways to express your light with ease and compassion?
These are some of the lessons of opening up to your inner being, your Ultimate Inner I.  Soul self.
She is by far one of my favorite combination of stones
.  She has shown me ways into my inner realms of power and all the hidden paths that have been the main blocks to it.  She gave a soothing voice when I needed to speak. Gave me clarity when I needed to see a new perspective. The LOve of the self is a deeper knowingness, a treasure that is meant to be shared and adored.