The word Reiki is composed of two Japanese words - Rei and ki. When translating Japanese into English, we must be aware that an exact translation is difficult. These words are used in a spiritual healing context, as only you can provide the depth of meaning you seek from this form of healing. I help you achieve that level of awareness, and guide you through this spiritual journey.

When should you give Reiki a try? Well according to Dr. Robert Graham, MD. a Harvard-trained, board-certified doctor of integrative medicine who runs the integrative health clinic FRESH MED, it's a great method of healing for people who are in pain- both physical, and mental.

"What makes pain so hard to cure is that it's not quantifiable. Aside form the pain scale, there's no objective measurement of how much pain someone is in, which is why there isn't a magic-bullet cure for most things pain-related. Reiki has a long healing tradition in medicine, particularly in the nursing world- it's really safe and gentle." - Dr Graham.


People often ask how did I get into this work? why did I choose to do what I do? when did I realize it developed? when did it develop?

Let me ask you these questions are you living your joyful life? Do you have a job of your dreams? Do you have passion? Are you enjoying your life? Are you enjoying relationships?

Are you enjoying every interaction you have every day or do you stop and get overwhelmed and have a hard time dealing on a daily basis?

Let me share with you healing methods and the tools that I have learned that helped me along my journey to myself, to my joy, my passion, my clarity. These tools in my tool box have been collected for the past 30 plus years of self discovery. The tools that I have learned, I can share with you. The steps that you can take towards your clarity, joy, truth and happiness is based on your awareness of choices, and possibilities. The question is, are you ready? Would you like to take this journey?


I’m a light-worker what is a light-worker? It's a light player. Just as the wording I play with light and I teach you how to infinite your internal light. A light worker is one that harnesses source energy and earth energy, and use it for the greater good for all.

When we expanded states of being, in and around our cells, It helps us to find, allow and receive possibilities where limitations that once kept us frozen from stepping forward into our divine love and light can now be accessed and clear the path for the solutions of our happy end results to appear. How do we harness this energy? Happiness is easily found when we really become aware of our blocks and imitations and attune with our chakra.


IIt’s easier to do a google search now a days to dive deep into the understanding of it. The main thing is within your body there are seven well known forces that govern our states of well being. The basis of my work will lightly touch the governing emotions and how we relate to our environment. All it is, is just energy forces within your body that works with your mind and your spirit connection. How do you be here? How do you see? How do you speak an express yourself? How do you share your heart? How do you love? And in the power energy of how much confidence you have within yourself when it comes to nourishment, how do you really digest what’s around you? And finally then your true foundation, what is everything built upon? Do you feel stable enough to carry all this energy?

An imbalance of one creates a ripple effect that can be pivoted and changes to its optimum function through awareness.

Out of balance within another? If one chakra system is balanced and the other isn’t it creates a limitation block for you, but then it also creates an awareness of what needs to be worked on. When one becomes aware of what needs to be balanced and what should be cared for in all, major shifts can then be noticed. This energy work and meetings is just based on that. I’m able to see what is blocking you and All I do is provide you a safe space to explore the deeper meaning behind why those patterns keep appearing in your life. Withe better understanding and awareness you are then able to make the choices needed to live the life you seek. Or allow the best life that is seeking you.
I use the crystal and stones as allies, and a tactile tool for you to use if you so choose.

I’m able to talk to you about how to clear them and what is really hindering the cycle from moving forward through guided meditation and crystal tools and intuitive clearings. I am allowing you to surrender and space is a safe where you feel safe where you feel safe. For when we truly allow are we then able to discover the true essence behind who you are. Everyone’s journey is different. There is no right or wrong, there is just a path. And you get to choose it. The journey and the depth of the journey can be catered individually


Reiki is not for everyone, but at the same time, it can BE for everyone. No matter where you are in life, you can be in a state of mind greater than before with a little bit of help. Reiki helps you achieve, and alleviate pain, both mental and physical. schedule a 15 minute session with me and we'll find out if Reiki works for you.


This is an energy session where I use intuition to help you recognize limiting beliefs and help you clear these energy blocks with affirmations and journal prompts.


Ever wonder about why you are attracted to crystals? I do all the time. Crystals come to us when we are ready to change and grow. They help us find balance and fulfill our purpose with loving light. Crystals of all forms help us cultivate our purest selves.


This is a free consultation with me 15 minutes to see if my services are a match for you. if you choose to continue booking a full session, you will receive $10.00