Journey Collection

Journey describes the length of time the creation process began and blossomed for me while playing with resin.

The journey collection is a collection of works made of two part resin, sometimes UV resin.  I began this collection by collecting shells from my time spent on the beaches of Hawaii.  20+ years of collection.

The resin backgrounds are hand painted first, then dried, then elements of nature are added to the bezels, which thereafter the two part resin slowly poured on-top and set to cure For a few days time.

I also create paintings and take photographs of our beautiful nature.  These create keep sake photo or paintings to be worn as earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. I also do custom photo jewelry too. Inquire by sending me an email at

Each bezel are brass, copper or silver or gold plated metal.

To my knowledge they are Nickle free and lead free.

The backing of the ear studs are stainless steel, some are plated nicklefree and lead free.

sterling silver is an option but there are extra charges due to the metal substitute.

The journey collection  are sometimes found In combination with other collection designs..


Wai and Kai Swirls

Noe mandala

Noe Fern





The list will be added too as well as I expand my creative boundaries.