Hina Collection

Collection of Designs based on the love of the moon.

Even in the darkness, there is a sliver of light. The moon reminds us that. Like the ebb and flow during the different phases of the moon, she teaches to look to the sliver of light in the midst of darkness,  The chaos around us does not define who we are. We are what we make of it during times of chaos. Go within.  Seek the sliver of light, and allow that one sliver to guide you back to pure ness of you.

Hina are designs that can be seen in combination of designs from my other collection.

Wai and Kai water swirls

Amelie collection

Noe Fern/Mandala Collection

Loki Collection

Naia-seed beads collection

Sarah Lou collection.


Im sure this design will explore the depths and realms of our creativity to a place where the sliver of light shall prevail over any darkness, and the sway to the center will be the path.