Amelie Collection.

Amelie collection with a hint of NOE,

Gemstone love and healing light:

Crystal allies of Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, Labradorite, chrysoprase, golden rutilated quartz, turquoise, and emerald. 16" chain.  Extensions are available to purchase.

The layers of our personal interconnection with our divine truth lies within the ability to listen to the subtlety of our hearts.  When we sit quietly all answers to our questions are revealed, and all worries cease to exist. We only need to listen, tune in, go within.  Heal the heart of the mater, and all around you will align to help manifest and create the world you are meant to live.  For the highest good.  Believe in the heart, in your intuition, let the heart lead, the voice speaks the truth and honestly with loving compassion and kindness. Not only to yourself but to those around you too.